Bold. Brilliant. Beautiful.

You were not made to be subtle.

One Red Stiletto

Greetings Stiletto Babes!

My name is Mar'leshia Denson, and I am the proud owner of One Red Stiletto.

One Red Stiletto, is a boutique that caters to women who are self-empowered or on a journey towards it. We cater to these women specifically with the analogy of a "Red Stiletto".

When we look at a Red Stiletto, we think fierce, boldness, tall, powerful, etc. My goal for my brand is to motivate and uplift women to stand tall in their fullness, and own the ground they walk on - period.

Not only through fashion, but through life itself.

Every piece of our collection is hand picked with you in mind, unapologetic & uncensored. 

You are here and in your fullness. You are not made to be subtle - keep getting to know yourself & sharing it with the world. Take up the space you deserve, while making space for others. You are bold, brilliant, beautiful and lets not forget fireproof! Let your style and fashion speak for your uniqueness. 

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